Committee to Elect Michelle Ascencion for Oxnard City Clerk 2016
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Elected Officials & City Clerks

Bert Perello, Oxnard City Councilmember - "As a current Oxnard City Councilmember fully aware of the damage that our city has had inflicted on it, I feel we cannot afford a person in this position that would not be equipped to hit the ground running. In fact, the compensation for the City Clerk position in Oxnard is at a level that no less than professional training, years of experience, and proven performance must be a requirement. Sadly, there are no requirements for the position other than residence and ability to vote. Oxnard cannot continue to have positions of high responsibility filled by amateurs that hope to learn on the job. If our City is to raise to a level of professionalism above what the current level of the citizens' expectations are, we need to have Qualified, Trained, Experienced, and Proven people in these positions that will be held accountable for ALL the responsibilities of the City Clerk. Only one person would qualify if the position had a sign saying, "Experience Needed, All Others Need Not Apply" -- Michelle Ascencion is that person."

Mabi Covarrubias Plisky (Retired), Former City Clerk of Oxnard and Ventura, Former City Clerk Services Manager of Santa Barbara

Douglas Breeze, Mayor, City of Port Hueneme - "Michelle Ascencion is an outstanding, competent, and dedicated City Clerk. Her experience with both municipal and special districts would be an asset to the City of Oxnard. I highly recommend that you vote for Michelle Ascencion for Oxnard City Clerk."

Ellis L. Green, Former Mayor and Councilman, City of Port Hueneme - "I had the opportunity to work with Michelle in Port Hueneme. Not only does she do her job with meticulous excellence, she is a quality person as well. Oxnard would do well in electing her as City Clerk!"

Sylvia Munoz Schnopp, Councilwoman/Mayor, City of Port Hueneme - "Michelle is a hardworking, trustworthy individual who managed the City Clerk's office in the City of Port Hueneme for 8 years. I know she's the right person for the job in Oxnard. Vote for Michelle!"

Jon Sharkey, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Port Hueneme

Murray Rosenbluth, Former Mayor and Councilman, City of Port Hueneme - "I strongly endorse Michelle for Oxnard City Clerk."

Antoinette Mann, City Clerk of Ventura

Michele Kostenuik, City Clerk of Port Hueneme - "Michelle would be an excellent choice due to her exceptional and vast experience serving successfully as City Clerk previously for our City."

Josie Guzman, Certified Municipal Clerk - "Michelle is a professionally trained City Clerk who holds the designation of Certified Municipal Clerk issued by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. She is the best qualified candidate for Oxnard City Clerk due to her training in the Brown Act, Public Records Act, and elections, and her vast knowledge in working for city government."

Linda Lawrence, former Oxnard Assistant City Clerk/Retired Thousand Oaks City Clerk - "Not only does Michelle have the proven experience, education and training necessary to perform the statutory and administrative duties of Oxnard City Clerk, she has the leadership and ethical qualities necessary to be a successful partner with residents of the community, elected officials and the City organization. Michelle has taken the lead in organizing networking opportunities with City Clerks within Ventura County in order to promote best practices in the City Clerk profession. I am pleased to endorse Michelle for Oxnard City Clerk."

Geri Sprinkles, retired Deputy City Clerk, City of Port Hueneme - "Michelle Ascencion is an intelligent, caring person. She is meticulous in her work, conscientious, dedicated and so poised and calm under pressure. She is very customer service oriented and cares about all the citizens of Oxnard."

Community Leaders

Steve Kinney, former President of the Economic Development Corporation of Oxnard - "I've worked with Michelle in her City Clerk role in Port Hueneme, and she is everything you'd want in Oxnard's City Clerk: friendly, efficient, conscientious, prepared, and always willing to help. She's the best!" 

Carol Roberg, Port Hueneme Police Chaplain, Retired Director Ventura County Rescue Mission - "I highly recommend Michelle Ascencion. I have known her for over 15 years and have found her to be a capable, intelligent, efficient, and kind woman. Michelle worked for us at the Ventura County Rescue Mission and was an outstanding employee. Our paths crossed again at the City of Port Hueneme, and Michelle was an invaluable asset there, efficiently coordinating the City Council agendas and activities, and deftly meeting the needs of the public. I wholeheartedly endorse her for Oxnard's next City Clerk!"

Martin & Grace Sepulveda, Oxnard Community Activists - "Michelle will ensure that the community is supported in keeping their government open, accessible, and transparent, so all members of the community can be engaged."

Martin Jones, College Park Neighborhood Chairman - "I fully endorse Michelle Ascencion - the only candidate with City Clerk experience."

Dr. Ruby Durias, City of Oxnard Library Board Member and Retired Teacher - "Michelle will provide dynamic leadership with experience in working directly with City Council Members, City Attorneys, and City Managers."

Barbara J. Murray, Retired Oxnard Public Library Board of Directors - "I want to endorse Michelle Ascencion for the City of Oxnard's City Clerk position. She brings relevant experience, city government knowledge, and strong leadership skills that will benefit the City. Michelle is also a valuable member of the Oxnard Public Library Board of Trustees offering direction that contributed to the Library's success."

John Ragan, City of Oxnard Library Board Chairman

Greg Brown, retired Community Development Director/City Planner, City of Port Hueneme - "I worked very closely with Michelle in her role as City Clerk in Port Hueneme. She demonstrated her extensive knowledge of local government processes on a daily basis, and her skills are unmatched. I strongly endorse Michelle for Oxnard City Clerk."

Robert P. Gager, Chief of Police (Retired), City of Port Hueneme - "I write this letter in full support and endorsement of Michelle Ascencion in her campaign for consideration as the Clerk for the City of Oxnard. I worked for the City of Port Hueneme for over 16 years and relied on Michelle heavily during my time as Chief of Police. I can say without reservation that she worked tirelessly to make customer service a top priority in her dealings with the directors, managers, employees and foremost, the Citizens. Michelle impresses me with her personal integrity and this coupled with her work experience would only benefit the City of Oxnard as she could easily 'hit the ground running.' She demonstrates a high level of work ethic and commitment, which not only makes her an asset to Oxnard, but to everyone whom she comes in contact with in her position as City Clerk. Michelle is not only a highly qualified City Clerk, but she is also a caring mother who raised highly productive children, one of which is currently serving in the United States Army Infantry. I would encourage every voter to support Michelle Ascencion and say 'Yes' to someone who will bring experience, knowledge, and caring to the citizens of the City of Oxnard."

Elizabeth Alvarez, Non-Profit Director

Andres Santamaria, retired Public Works Director, City of Port Hueneme

Mark Lawler, retired General Manager, Ventura Regional Sanitation District