Committee to Elect Michelle Ascencion for Oxnard City Clerk 2016
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My Life in Two Minutes... 
My parents and I moved to Oxnard from Los Angeles the summer before my 7th birthday in 1982, when Oxnard had half the population it has today and seemed to be more farmland than concrete. I grew up in South Oxnard and my dad still lives in my childhood home in Lemonwood. Though I’ve lived in other parts of the city, when my husband and I became first-time homebuyers in 2011, we chose to return to South Oxnard, making our home in the Terrace Estates neighborhood near Oxnard College.

I graduated from Fremont Jr. High, Santa Clara High School, Oxnard College, and I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Here's a picture of my son Shaun and I just before my graduation in 1998. He was just a little guy then but I think he was still pretty proud of me!

My husband David was born and raised in Oxnard. We met at church in the late 90s, started dating in 1999 after I came back from Cal Poly, and married in 2000. These pictures show us "then" and "now" -- my how time flies! David is my best friend and my true soul mate, the most patient man in the world with endless humor and faith.

Life is never dull with kids at home! Brandon, Marla, and Bethany keep us busy with school and activities. The photo on the left is one my favorite pictures of the three of them together, when we were riding on the Port Hueneme Santa Float a few years back. Shaun is all grown up and he joined the Army after graduating from high school in 2013. The picture on the right was when he came home for the first time during Bootcamp that Christmas. Our dog, Bonnie, was ecstatic, and we were too! We are so proud that Shaun has chosen to serve our country in the Army. David and I have worked hard to instill in our children the importance of serving your community and helping your neighbors, and we participate as a family in many community service activities through our church.

Besides family, church, community, and career, there are two other things that are of great importance to me that you must know: 1) I am a huge Star Wars fan, and I have been all my life. I simply couldn't resist dressing up as my hero Princess Leia (hair buns and all!) last Halloween in anticipation of Episode 7 coming out!  And, 2) I love sports, especially baseball and football, and the Indianapolis Colts are my favorite team. It's on my bucket list to see them play on their home field some day. It's always "interesting" in our house whenever the Colts are playing the Steelers... I never lose hope that we will beat them some day!

Last but not least, my favorite quote:

"The greatest crime in the world is not developing your potential. When you do what you do best, you are helping not only yourself, but the world."  
-- Roger Williams 

In Loving Memory: Carla Ann Boykin, 8/31/46 - 10/3/2016